Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mr Azizi Farewell BBQ nite

After the counseling session, we continue with BBQ nite as a farewell party for Mr Azizi. He had been here as a DCA family for 10years and had been contribute a lot, not only at ATC level but also at management level. We will be missing your sense of humor, your friendliness, your open-hearted personality and your good nature.
We wish you good luck and our prayer will always be with you.
BBQ started
speech by Mr George Ng and gift presented by TPW2 Mr Sio
Sad moment, speech by Azizi
and 'momom' time
and the last agenda is karaoke

Counseling Season with Mdm Anjelina

It was held here at DCA Tawau for the first time on the 8.11.2010. I would say its good for everybody, not only for those with a problem. It help us to understand more on our own personality and how to balance it

Mdm Anjelina
the participant including TPW2 Mr Sio and Mr Latif from Kinabalu

'How stress are you'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paul Thien Farewell Tour

Tawau was one of the selected location as the part of the tour, so BBQ had been arrange at the DCA Quarters with the help of Mr Bangau and family and other DCA staff. Mr Paul came together with our PW2 Mr Mahmud along with Mr Zaidullah and Mr Nemesius

typical Malaysian BBQ

'Karaoke-ing' after the BBQ dinner

Welcome to Tawau

It's not too late to say welcome to Tawau. Newly transferred staff Mr Daniel and Mr Nasaruddin was officially Tawau staff on the October 1st.

Mr Daniel Duan Joy

Mr Nasaruddin